About pre-school and primary school

About pre-school and primary school

European pre-school and primary school educational center – is the first educational level of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. You can find here interesting programs for pre-school, primary and supplementary education. The kindergarten and primary school work as a single educational complex.

Our motto: While thinking what a child’s going to be tomorrow we should remember that he is a person now.

Our center consists of:

  1. School of early development  “Odaryonok” (1-3- year-old children)
  2. Kindergarten and pre-school training (3-7- year-old children)
  3. Primary school (7-10- year-old children)
  4. Supplementary education (3-10- year-old children)
  • School of early development works on the program made by our teachers and gives a baby and a mother chance to feel each other in a better and constructive way.
  • Our kindergarten works on Maria Montessori’s method which helps a child to show him free in his independent activity.
  • The primary school takes care of children’s health and uses special technology. Teachers use some programs: “School 2000”, “School 2100”, “The Planet of Knowledge”, “School – 21st Century”. We have special English learning additional program for the 1st Graders.
  • Supplementary education includes: music, acting, drawing, claying, dancing, taekwondo and other kinds of creative work.

Welcome to our kindergarten and school.

You can get all the necessary information from our selection committee:

Room 101, telephone: 8(423) 261-47-54

Room 408, telephone: 8(423) 261-47-37

We locate in the suburb of Vladivostok at Sanatornaya station.

Our address:

10, Desyataya Street,